About Shroder Paideia High School

Shroder High School

Located in between two of Cincinnnati's nicest neighborhoods, Shroder Paideia Jr./Sr. High School is the area's first and only Paideia high school. Established as a junior high school in 1953, Shroder served as a feeder school to Woodward High School and other CPS high schools until 2000, when the first Freshman class was added, thus creating the first graduating class from Shroder in 2004. Prior to this, the Paideia philosophy and curriculum was implemented in 1991. Currently, Shroder Paideia has a student population of 800 students and 94 faculty members.

Community Learning Centers

As part of Cincinnati Public School district's ongoing effort to help strengthen communities through collaboration and engagement, Shroder High School, along with several school campuses across the district, has been identified as a Community Learning Center. These centers serve as hubs for collective service entities, which promote academic excellence and provide recreational, educational, health, civic and cultural opportunities for students and their families.