Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paideia?

The Greek term “Paideia” (pie-dee-uh) comes from the writings of Mortimer Adler. The word translates as referring to the positive and mature development of the total person: intellectually, emotionally and physically. It is the philosophy and focus of our instructional program.

What is Paideia instruction?

Our classroom instruction includes direct, didactic teaching, coaching activities and in-depth seminar discussions. Students are encouraged to become active learners and critical thinkers with strong reading, writing and speaking skills. Shroder Paideia students have a complete, holistic education and a naturally developed zeal for learning throughout life.

More information on Paideia Principles

The 12 Principles of Paideia

  1. Establish an orderly and purposeful environment
  2. Home and community involvement and support
  3. Parents, teachers and students work together
  4. Collective responsibility for student learning
  5. High standards for student learning
  6. Curriculum alignment to standards
  7. College-preparatory curriculum
  8. Maximum instructional time
  9. Ongoing staff development
  10. Instructional leadership
  11. Collegial cooperation
  12. Common goals