History of Shroder Paideia High School

Shroder High SchoolBeginning in 1937, the original proposal for a school to be established in the Kennedy Heights community was presented, but not actualized until 1944 when the CPS Board of Education was granted authority to issue bonds in the amount of $16 million. The funds were used to purchase an area off Lumford Place adjoining Kennedy Heights Park, as well as finance a project feasibility study conducted by Hunt and Allen Architects and Engineers. The proposal to build the Kennedy Heights Junior High School was submitted in September 1946.

Construction on the school was delayed due to time consuming litigious processes and extensive real estate negotiations. In February 1953, E.C. Landberg & Associates were awarded a contract to develop plans and specifications for the school’s construction. After careful deliberation, it was then determined that significant modifications needed to be made to the original building proposals. CPS expedited plans for construction, finalizing the process by November 1953. The “plan capacity” called for the building to house 830 students, 16 recitation-type classrooms, four Science rooms, one Art room, one Craft room, three Industrial Arts shops, three Homemaking rooms, a Band room, Library, a 500-seat auditorium, gymnasium, and pupil and faculty lunchrooms.

While the building was still under construction, CPS officially renamed the school William J. Shroder Junior High School. Born in Cincinnati, Shroder, was a local attorney, civic leader and retired Board member and president from May 1924 through December 1933. During his tenure on the CPS Board, development of the Cincinnati School system increased as he helped to institute equal pay for all teachers regardless of gender or grade taught, as well as raising professional standards for all District employees.

Shroder Junior High School continued to thrive, serving as a neighborhood feeder school to the CAMAS Program at Woodward High School throughout the 1960’s-late 1980’s. In 1991, the school transitioned from a junior high to a middle school as the Paideia philosophy was implemented into the curriculum and with great success. Results from the 1991 California Achievement Test ranked Shroder number one among all of the middle/junior in the Cincinnati Public School district. This was accomplished by implementing a number of key components that are the basis of our curriculum today. Those include:

  • Focusing on the special needs of 7th and 8th grade students making the difficult transition from childhood to adolescence (and from elementary to high school)
  • Creating a safe, orderly environment in which teachers can teach and students can learn
  • Establishing high expectations for all students
  • Teaching all students a core academic program that results in literate students who think critically, lead healthy lives, behave ethically and are good citizens.
  • Establishing relationships with the community to insure each student’s success
  • Seeking the active involvement of families in the education of their children

In September 2000, Shroder Paideia Middle School added a Freshman class, thus beginning the next transition the school’s history—creating a high school. In 2004, the first graduating class of Shroder Paideia Jr./Sr. High School was introduced to the world.

As the student population increased, the need for a larger facility was quickly recognized. As part of the district's Facilities Master Plan, the construction of the new Shroder Paideia High School located at 5030 Duck Creek Rd. began with the groundbreaking taking place in July 2005. Construction was completed and the doors to our new facility opened in January 2007, culminating with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in March 2007.