Principal Larry J. Williams


We are very excited about this school year as it is packed with innovative and exciting initiatives. My Tomorrow*ed will be implemented throughout the building, exposing grades 7 through 12 with a blended format of teaching and learning. The district has afforded Shroder the opportunity to allow each student the use of a tablet or laptop computer throughout the school day.

Our leadership team and staff have developed strategies to increase high academic achievement. Teachers use the three columns of instruction from the Paideia philosophy to drive teaching and learning. The road is being paved to increase Shroder’s academic standing locally, statewide and nationally.

Another shared goal is to build on our progress by further integrating Common Core standards into our already proven method of delivering instruction.  We are committed to producing lifelong learners and productive, civic-oriented community members by helping each student reach their maximum potential.

This year we will focus our efforts in the following areas:

  • My Tomorrow*ed
  • My Paideia Teaching and Learning
  • Common Core Academic Standards in English Language Arts & Mathematics, Science STEM and CEEM are geared toward the next generation student. Social Studies lessons aimed at achieving knowledge from past and present events by challenging student in college prep, advance placement classes, and award winning Capstone project
  • Increasing the number of students enrolled  in the College Credit Plus program and Advanced Placement courses, which will prepare students for college and careers   
  • Use targeted data driven instruction to prepare students for PSAT and ACT exams
  • Change the growth mindset of  students for ownership in their educational journey
  • Demonstrate truth, honor, and loyalty to gain parental support and involvement in their child’s education
  • A commitment to fostering stronger relationships with educational partners and the local community

The merging and collaboration of engaged students, an expert faculty, and enthusiastic parents will help sustain the unique community of learners and promote Shroder as a place where high expectations are ingrained in the culture.

Shroder’s professional staff is committed to focus on enriching, deepening and enhancing the teaching and learning experience offered to students in our school. Parents, we welcome you as partners in this endeavor through support, service, volunteering, and involvement in your child’s education. Together, we can achieve the goal of making Shroder Paideia one of the premier high schools in the district, state, and nationally.


Larry J. Williams                                                 Charlene Cleveland                                                       
Principal                                                             Assistant Principal