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Guidance Counselors

Meet our Guidance Staff

Dr. Audley Smith, our Guidance Office director, assists students with every facet of the Shroder academic experience. During the class optioning process, our students are encouraged to take ownership of their educational experience by choosing from a host of well-rounded, rigorous classes offered in the curriculum. Additionally, our guidance staff ensures that students follow the current and future graduation requirements as mandated by the Ohio Department of Education.

Student Support Services

We partner with a host of community agencies that offer services ranging from adolescent counseling to college and career coaching. These agencies augment our mission to promote the mental, physical and emotional well-being of the student population and foster an atmosphere which is conducive to promoting excellence in every endeavor in which our students participate. Our agency partners are as follows:

  • Cincinnati Youth Collaborative is the parent organization that includes Americorps, Educational Talent Search and Jobs For Cincinnati Graduates. These organizations provide our students with many resources for career development, promoting college readiness at an early age (middle school), college preparatory tutoring for both the ACT and SAT, assisting with financial planning for college or other post-secondary programs and working with students who would be first-generation college students.
  • Our in-house school psychologist, Christopher Gfroerer, provides students with confidential counseling for any issues that subsequently affect their overall well-being.
  • Talbert House PASS Office Counselors, Izella Pollard and Ashley Forte