Shroder Jaguars Athletic Department Mission

"Our mission is to use Athletics to develop sportsmanship, commitment, teamwork, and leadership amongst our student athletes. The goal of the program is to build lifelong relationships, and to help turn students into successful adults who contribute to their community in a positive manner."
                                                                 —P.J. Pope, Shroder High School Athletic Director

Shroder Athletic Director, P.J. PopeAthletics have proven to be a contributing factor to student success. In general, students who participate in sports have better classroom behavior, increased concentration, and decreased dropout rates based on their connection with the school and sports. Through sports/extracurricular activities, our students have the opportunity to learn about sportsmanship, teamwork, develop work ethics and the value of commitments, sacrifice and perseverance. So much of the success that students experience inside the classrooms and after graduation can be directly linked to their participation in high school sports/extracurricular activities. Both Shroder and I are blessed to have a dedicated group of coaches, a supportive faculty and staff, involved parents, a wealth of talented students and an administration who recognizes the valuable role that extra-curricular activities play in the complete educational process.

We will continue to emphasize the importance of a unified T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Accomplishes More). Our “bottom line” is during our students' high school athletic experience, our student-athletes will have fun and build fulfilling life-long relationships. Our programs will strive to provide an opportunity for our students to release stress in a healthy manner and instill fitness for life as a core value. The product of our investment in athletics will be healthy adults who contribute to their community in a positive manner in years to come.

I look forward to a fun and exciting year. GO JAGS!!!!

P.J. Pope
Shroder High School Athletic Director

(513) 363-6908

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Our athletic program guidelines are governed by the CPS Athletic Code of Conduct. (Spanish, French and Arabic translations available)