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Alumni Spotlight: Ashley Forte, Class of 2004

By Michaela Phillips
Senior Graphic Designer/Contributor

Shroder Alumna Ashley ForteAshley Forte is a 29-year old alumna who began attending Shroder High School in 1998, during its infant stages of becoming a high school. She attended until she graduated on May 21, 2004. Forte has grown with an amazing career as a Children’s Therapist and is proof of what Shroder students can become. During her interview with The Jagwire, she revealed many interesting facts about the Shroder Experience ranging from the way the school was built to the different classes offered.

“Shroder was a very structured school and still is,” Forte says. “I loved the teachers. They were so dedicated to teaching and helping their students. Shroder taught me many life lessons and skills I use in life. I think I’m an example of what students graduating from Shroder can become.”

After leaving Shroder, Forte attended the University of Cincinnati and majored in Social Work and Psychology. After her graduation she became a therapist. She managed to work for many different schools including Price Hill Elementary and a few Catholic schools. Not able to stay away, she returned to Shroder in 2012 to assist Jessica Coke, who was the main counselor at the time. When Ms. Coke left, Forte moved into a full time counseling role in the Shroder High School’s PASS Office.

“I couldn’t stay away. I wanted to give back to the school because it helped me so much,” Forte says. “It’s a good school, it really is. Students just need to learn to accept it more and their experience will be fun!” From the teachers to the help itself, this school was one of her favorites. This spectacular woman is a model of a graduate from Shroder High.

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