Shroder High School Class of 2020 Graduation Processional

May 12, 2020

Shroder High School is hosting their Graduation Parade from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 20, on-site at Shroder High School, 5030 Duck Creek Road, 45227.

Precautions to Ensure Public Health Safety


  • Staff participation will be limited to High School teachers and vital support staff.
  • All staff members will be asked to take and record temperature readings upon arrival, and if any individual believes they are experiencing symptoms of illness, they are to exclude themselves from the event.
  • All staff members will be required to wear PPE, especially face masks, and exercise social distancing with a minimum of 13 feet.
  • Hand sanitizer will be used between the distribution of each diploma/award.
  • Cincinnati Police Officers will be strategically placed along the same route providing support.

Students and Families

  • Graduates and families will be instructed to attend in a single vehicle.
  • All guests are to remain in the vehicles at all times.
  • Graduates will be instructed to sit in the front passenger seat and to wear PPE, specifically face masks.

Route and Staging Parking Lot

Map of Route and Parking Space Assignments

  • Starting at 5:30 p.m., vehicles transporting students will enter staging parking lot from E. Eastwood (the street between Fifth Third and Shroder.)
  • Proceed to parking lot(s) C5-C4 directly behind Shroder High School's football field.
  • Turn right into the Fifth Third parking lot and go straight back. You will see C5 on the pole.
  • Stay in your vehicles — Shroder Staff/Security will direct you to your spot by Top Ten and then by alphabetical order.
  • After the 94 Class of 2020 graduates are in place, Shroder Staff/Security will direct the processional of vehicles to depart the lot in assigned order at 6:25 p.m. promptly.
  • Exit the lot by turning right onto E. Eastwood.
  • Proceed to stop sign at the corner of Kingsley.
  • Turn right onto Kingslry.
  • Proceed to the stop sign at Eastwood Drive.
  • Turn right onto Eastwood Drive.
  • Proceed to the traffic light at the corner of Duck Creek Road.
  • Your vehicle will be sitting between Coca-Cola and Shroder High School.
  • Turn right onto Duck Creek Road.
  • Proceed to entrance of Shroder's campus.
  • Turn right onto the campus.
  • Turn right into the big parking lot and drive forward to the circle.

Event Procedures and Proceedings

  • Graduates and their attending family members will be invited to attend in one vehicle based on students meeting all graduation requirements as set forth by the State of Ohio and Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education.
  • Diplomas and awards/certificates will be arranged alphabetically on a table in the front of the Shroder archway of the main campus.
  • Administration (Larry Williams, Principal) will be distributing diplomas/awards to students sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle transporting them.
  • Senior Team Staff members and Counselor (Martha Edler, Charity McFerron, Dr. Smith, etc.) will be responsible for announcing/recognizing graduates, and organizing diplomas in order of arrival.
  • Dr. Lameesa Muhammad and Bobby Jenkins will be taking pictures and recording as graduates receive their diplomas.
  • Staff members and security personnel will be strategically placed along the route to support and celebrate the graduates.
  • Security and designated staff will be provided radios and strategically placed as vehicles enter the parking lot(s). (Staging lot and Shroder Campus lot.) They will ensure that only vehicles transporting graduates are permitted to enter the campus. Members with radios will communicate the names of students to staff member who will will be handing diplomas/certificates/gifts to Mr. Williams to present to the graduates.
  • Diplomas will be prepped by Mrs. Edler and Senior Team.
  • Ms. Johnson will pass diplomas and other items to Mr. Williams to present to graduates through the front window on the passenger side of the car. Hands will be sanitized/gloves will be used between each recipient.
  • Drivers of the vehicles will be directed to exit the campus heading south toward E. Eastwood. Taking a left out of the lot and turning right onto Duck Creek Road.

Additional Proceedings

  • The announcement of graduates and awarding of diplomas will be streamed live through social media/Google Meet. Graduates will receive and invite to share with family to view the video. Google Meet will be recorded and distributed for a commemorative keepsake.
  • Keynote speaker(s) and valedictorian speech will be recorded and shared.
  • A Senior Rememberance video (being prepared by Mrs. Trotter) will be shared with the Class of 2020 once completed.

Map of Route and Parking Space Assignments