Words of the Week

May 17, 2018

In the quest to improve our students' communication skills while expanding the community lexicon, we like to introduce our "Words of the Week." Each week, we will feature a daily list of words that help enrich daily conversations and hopefully, lead to more meaningful, elevated dialogue. 

Monday: Corollary (noun)- A direct or natural consequence or result

Tuesday: Critical (adjective)- 1. Expressing adverse or disapproving comments or judgements 2. expressing or involving an analysis of the merits and faults of a work of literature, music or art* 3. Involving the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement* 4. (of a situation or problem) having the potential to become disastrous; at a point of crisis

Wednesday: Cumbersome (adjective)- 1. Large or heavy and therefore difficult to carry or use 2. Slow or complicated and therefore inefficient*

Thursday: Deficit (noun)- The amount by which something is too small

Friday: Demean (verb)- Cause a severe loss in the dignity of an respect for someone or or something