Media Center

Mission Statement

The Library Media Center (LMC) provides opportunities for students and staff to become effective users of information and ideas that are central to 21st Century learning. The Shroder High School LMC will equip students with access to information and gratification to produce life-long learning that supports the school and district curricula.

Library Media Center (LMC) Goals and Objectives

  • The LMC is a place where information literacy is taught and students learn how to conduct research effectively using 21st Century tools. Students will utilize state-of-the-art digital information resources and partner with local, regional, and national information networks.
  • The LMC promotes reading for pleasure and gratification by housing a wide range of books and materials that reflect the personal interests of students and support a life-long love of reading.  Students and faculty have access to a rich collection of materials in several formats in the library.
  • The LMC enhances learning by providing the resources that reinforce the curriculum and educational goals in all disciplines. The library works collaboratively with all members of the learning community so that students will find, evaluate, and select appropriate sources that are integrated with the academic content standards and the district curriculum.
  • The LMC provides access to resources that expose learners to diverse ideas, experiences and opinions as well as critical thinking skills – a central tenet of the  philosophy. Students access resources which reflect diversity in gender, culture, and historical perspectives.
  • The LMC communicates and publicizes the school library media program to all education stakeholders.

Media Center Links and Tools

InfOhio Homepage — Sponsored by the Ohio Department of Education, InfOhio offers a free digital library of varied resources for students, parents and the community-at-large.

OhioLINK logo

Available through the Cincinnati Public Library system, you can find any book, video, CD in the consortium of all Ohio public, college and university libraries. All requests made through either of the above links can be sent to the Cincinnati Public Library, Madisonville branch, 4830 Whetsel Avenue, the Pleasant Ridge branch located at 6233 Montgomery Road or the Oakley branch located at 4033 Gilmore Avenue.

New Driver Information

Turning 16 and becoming a new driver is a rite of passage for all teens. To address the potential safety concerns which come with the responsibility of driving, provides free access to a wealth of driver-related resources, including:

  • Free online permit practice tests based on the actual contents of each State’s Driver Manual
  • Driver's training
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Latest official Driver’s Manuals

Visit Ohio DMV Practice Test for more information.